News Release

【Gratitude】We exhibited at “The 5th NEXT GENERATION AGRICULTURE EXPO”.


Thank you for coming to “The 5th NEXT GENERATION AGRICULTURE EXPO” held at Makuhari Messe from October 10 to 12, 2018.
Featured items including agricultural drones, various plant factories and etc. were presented, and the number of visitors reached about 43,000 people in three days, exceeding the previous year.

Organic Soil Co., Ltd. exhibited the largest booth from the past and shared our collaboration with well-known pastry chef and recruitment of overseas partners, in addition to sharing our traditional Agri-community Business (OSMIC Soil, OSMIC House, OSMIC Cultivation).
We are developing Cloud environment control/ production control system to improve simplification and efficiency of cultivation with OSMIC House.
In the section for overseas business operators, we introduced overseas business models in Chinese and English.
As our big news for this exhibition, we announced our plan of opening a next generation agricultural theme park “OSMIC Land(tentative)” in 2020.
You can enjoy freshly picked OSMIC products from OSMIC House at our restaurant collaborated with a top chef, do shopping at our market, have a harvest experience at our tourist farms…. You can also create a community spot with your family with our BBQ space and accommodations.
"Osmic Land (tentative)" plans to create a theme park that fosters interest in "agriculture" and "food" with the concept of "garden production".

At our stage next to the exhibition booth, we offered variety sections such as the business presentation of Organic Soil Co., Ltd., quizzes about tomatoes, tomato weighing challenge, sharing recipe, cooking, and testing of deserts using OSMIC Tomatoes to participants.
Among all of them, presentation of how to make a cheese cake by “moguna”, the cooking video app was a huge success with a lot of people watching standing up because there were not enough seats for everyone, and tasting of the cheese cake ran out very quickly.